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Westmoreland Glass Patterns

As compared to the Big Five manufacturers of carnival glass, Westmoreland made few entries into the vintage arena. Browse below for Westmoreland glass in various patterns. We have Beaded Grape and Beaded Edge, Old Quilt, Paneled Grape and much more. This Vaseline Opalescent Pineapple Pattern Open Salt Cellar (Salt Dip) is 1 1/2″ in diameter. Circa: '60's Price: $15.95 USD Description: This is a single shaker. Westmoreland was another milk glass maven. Their milk glass is solid white, often times hand painted with fruit or birds or flowers.

Westmoreland Glass Patterns

  • Westmoreland Glass is some of the most beautiful glassware ever made.
  • Many different patterns and hand painted decorations including Roses & Bows and Ruby Floral.
  • Westmoreland Glass Co. of Grapeville, Pennsylvania, first produced glass in 1890.
  • Westmoreland's Paneled Grape by Christine Nagy.
  • The Westmoreland Glass Company’s Paneled Grape pattern was their most popular line.
  • Many of the Early American pressed patterns were reproduced.

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