September 29, 2011 at 3:58 am

Visitor Design Patterns

I think this is strange, as it is really a nice thing. Visitor Design Pattern C# and VB.NET. Beyond OO Design and Development. Generifying your Design Patterns Part I: The Visitor by Mark Spritzler. This tutorial is aimed to guide the definition and application of visitor design pattern. Visitor The visitor pattern lets you define new operations on an existing hierarchical data structure without changing the structure. The visitor design pattern enables us to create new operations to be performed on an existing structure. The Visitor family allows new methods to be added to existing hierarchies without modify-ing the hierarchies.

Visitor Design Patterns

  • Shows how multi-methods advantageously replace the visitor pattern.
  • The Visitor design pattern allows you to add operations to classes without changing the classes.
  • One of the BehavioralPatterns described by the GangOfFour in the book DesignPatterns.
  • I have been trying to memorise Gang of Four design patterns recently, and came across the Strategy and Visitor patterns.
  • Represent an operation to be performed on the elements of an object structure.
  • Procedure: Discuss with and show came in.and they all had "stories" painted on them with bands of designs.

More information about Visitor Design Patterns on the site: http://

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