January 30, 2011 at 6:14 pm

Vintage Transfer Patterns

Ask, and you shall receive weirdness! The clear winner in the poll for the DOW pattern you wanted to see next was – creepy lambs! Okay, they're not TOTALLY creepy. Reference article about hot-iron embroidery transfer patterns and the companies that produced them. A master list, with thumbnail photos, of vintage Vogart hot-iron embroidery transfer patterns. Includes type, theme and cross-reference to reissued numbers. I am needing the color key from a vintage hot iron transfer pattern. The pattern is an Alice Brooks design number 7268. Find vintage transfer pattern from a vast selection of Collectibles.

Vintage Transfer Patterns

  • vintage embroidery transfer patterns of flowers such as roses, lily of the valley, water lilies, daisies, grapevine in border frames and apron pocket.
  • Just this week I purchased an old Simplicity pattern with Embroidery Transfers.
  • I have a 4 drawer file cabinet full of vintage embroidery patterns.
  • vintage embroidery transfer patterns of horses and ponies.
  • embroidery design on this purse is found here, one of my favourite embroidery pattern sites.
  • This group is to share images of VINTAGE Embroidery Patterns, Cross Stitch and Red Work Hot Iron Transfers, and Printable Designs.

More information about Vintage Transfer Patterns on the site: http://www.popwatchers.com

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