May 1, 2012 at 1:52 pm

Vintage Pyrex Patterns

Both are considered somewhat newer patterns. Through the years, Pyrex has produced some striking patterns that have been included on their mixing bowls. One such pattern is aptly named Gooseberry. There is such a variety of vintage Pyrex colors and patterns that nearly anybody can find one (or several) to fall in love with. From its Fire-King origins to a host of charming mid-(20th)-century retro patterns, Pyrex has proven durable, useful and versatile. One of Pyrex`s vintage patterns still enjoyed by collectors today is called Snowflake. Look for pieces of bakeware in the Snowflake pattern.

Vintage Pyrex Patterns

  • Corelle Pyrex Patterns Dates Introduced Discontinued Information Pyrex Compatibles.
  • Note that this is NOT the official Pyrex name.
  • Vintage Pyrex mixing bowl in Butterprint pattern is a generous 4 quart size.
  • This Pyrex mixing bowl is the most versatile size and very hard to find.
  • Certain vintage Corning Ware patterns have made cameo appearances on the Mad Men television series.
  • Fans of vintage Pyrex and Corning Ware are watching for these details.

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