December 31, 2009 at 1:55 pm

Tumbling Blocks Patterns

Free Newsletter: New patterns, product alerts, special offers, knit and crochet lessons. Tumbling Block quilts are a traditional quilt that are based on a repeating pattern of one block. Hobbies & Crafts for sale Tumbling Blocks Quilt Afghan Pattern Enjoy relaxing simple single crochet. Tumbling block quilts are intricately detailed quilts that use many individual squares to form a larger pattern. The Tumbling Blocks quilt pattern uses light and dark fabrics in a repeated pattern to create the illusion of falling blocks. I just completed my first every quilt block. It's one large tumbling block surrounded by a black fabric with small gray stars.

Tumbling Blocks Patterns

  • I love this bright happy quilt! It’s an original design by Jennifer Arey of Baby Breath’s Quilts blog.
  • Host Alex Anderson is joined by quilters and authors Helen Frost and Debbie Gordon who share a history lesson on the tumbling block pattern.
  • Tips, techniques, and full-size patterns will enable quilters of all skill levels to plan and make their own Tumbling Blocks quilts.
  • Tumbling Blocks Quilt Patterns – Learn about tumbling blocks quilt patterns and how you can make a tumbling block quilt.
  • DEAR HELOISE: I would like the directions to make nylon pot scrubbers – I've lost my pattern.
  • 3 inch Double Sided Nylon Pot Scrubbies and are double thick.

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