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Torchon Lace Patterns

In general, torchon is regarded as the simplest kind of lace. Torchon Lace Pattern for three bookmark featuring butterflies, two with flowers. Notice how this pattern dances! It is Torchon designed at 60 degrees thus the are individually packaged and include a pattern and picture of the finished lace. Also, torchon has traditionally been used as a starter lace for beginning lacemakers, since it is relatively easy to make. Torchon Lace Collar Antique Knitting Pattern PDF Download No. 700 Measures 5 inches deep, 16 inch neck. These patterns have all appeared in previous magazines. Torchon Bobbin Lace Patterns See here for photos of some of the designs.

Torchon Lace Patterns

  • Torchon lace, aka bobbin lace, is making a resurgence in the trimming of wedding gowns, lingerie, and dresses.
  • A very popular range of Torchon patterns.
  • Drafting Torchon Lace Patterns [Alexandra Stillwell] on Amazon.
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  • For bobbin lace beginners' patterns, go bookmarks.
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