September 30, 2011 at 5:11 am

Tea Cosy Knit Pattern

Have fun, with this easy knitting pattern. Knitting Pattern: Tea Cosy ~ Two for the Pot Size and materials A delightful, easy to knit tea-cosy which can be made in two sizes. A free knitting pattern for a tea cosy knit in two colors of yarn. Knit this adorable tea cozy with this free knitting pattern. Sampler of the huge selection of vintage and rare tea cosy knitting and crochet patterns available at www.retroknittingsite. This adorable pumpkin tea cozy will make even your tea time a festive one! This free knitting pattern is easy to make and a great gift for this autumn. Keep your tea hot in style with this quick-to-knit cozy.

Tea Cosy Knit Pattern

  • I wanted to make an easy tea cosy with a simple I love to knit & crochet Tea Cosies.
  • Bring the romance of the garden to your table with this lovely tea cozy.
  • I've found that most patterns for tea cosies tend to be for the traditional squat, fat pot. My teapot is tall and fairly skinny.
  • Free knitting pattern for a tea cozy at Craftown and many more free knit patterns.
  • Afternoon tea wouldn't be complete without a tea cozy to keep your pot warm.
  • Here are links to dozens of tea cozy knitting patterns.

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