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Sweater Mitten Pattern

When printing the actual patterns (front, back – top, back-bottom) BE SURE TO PRINT at 100% or the scale will be off. Tutorial – Sweater Mittens. Sweater Mittens How-To 1. Make a pattern: Trace one hand on a piece of paper with the thumb at a 30-degree angle from the fingers. As with The Tiny Birdhouse, add your sweater(s) to the laundry batch and wash and dry on normal. The sweater is now felted and can be cut into the mitten pattern. These adorable mittens made from an old sweater are sure to make an extra-special holiday gift. Would you please post your pattern?? These are so much nicer than theп»ї other mittens I have seen!! Thanks for the idea. Recycle Wool Sweaters Into Mittens – Really? Yes – here are complete instructions how to make a simple pair of mittens from an old felted wool sweater.

Sweater Mitten Pattern

  • I would like a pattern to make the mittens.
  • Trace around an old mitten to make the pattern for a new mitten.
  • hold your hand in a mitten shape) Then add half an inch for seam allowance Cut out your pattern and pin it on your sweater.
  • View details for the pattern Wool mitten from felted sweater on BurdaStyle.
  • how much bigger do you need to make the #3 pattern for the wool mittens.
  • Handmade Sweater Mittens Use the star pattern below or make up your own! Here's a pair that I made.

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