February 16, 2010 at 4:36 pm

Sock Monkey Knit Pattern

I just came here to ask if anyone had a sock monkey knit pattern. Monkey around with this knit sock animal! This fun toy is playful and cuddly made with classic wool, for the beginning knitter. Knit up a pair of these cute slippers and make somebody smile! These work up super fast and make great gifts. They are thick and warm on cold winter days. Here you will find a few of our Sock Monkey Friends! Some make Sock Monkeys and some Knitting Pattern Central The place to go for knitting patterns. Sock monkey's make great gifts! Knit a hat and scarf for the sock monkey using this free knitting pattern. Get my easy sock monkey hat knitting pattern, complete with earflaps, pom-pom, ears and stuffed mouth at Wattery Totteries on Etsy.

Sock Monkey Knit Pattern

  • My 12 yr old daughter really wants me to knit her a sock monkey hat, the type with ear flaps.
  • Still available free on Knitty, and now available with additional sizing as a download and in the book Knit.
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More information about Sock Monkey Knit Pattern on the site: http://img1.etsystatic.com

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