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Slave Quilt Patterns

Twelve quilt patterns were used to direct the slaves to take particular action. • Using geometric shapes, students will design and create a paper quilt block based on patterns used during the time of the Underground Railroad. However, mostly we study the quilt patterns from European cultures. However, the Double Irish Chain pattern did and is believed to have symbolized the chains of slavery. Although the quilt fabrics and patterns used were those of upper class whites, some African American household slaves became highly skilled in creating these quilts. Quilt using traditional African-American patterns. quot;Slave Quilt Exhibition: Secret Codes in Slave Quilts.

Slave Quilt Patterns

  • Railroad and "walk in the shoes" of an escaping slave.
  • Wahlman, p. 21 As slaves, and also their textiles, were traded heavily recognizable in African American improvisation of European American patterns.
  • They escaped on the fifth knot on the tenth pattern and went to Ontario, Canada.
  • These messages were contained in a series of seventeen quilts.
  • Here are just a few of the quilt patterns and their meanings used in the equivalent to the popular spiritual Steal Away, which many slaves knew and sang.
  • It is believed that slaves were able to look at the order of the pattern in different quilts and they could understand the hidden messages they contained.

More information about Slave Quilt Patterns on the site: http://www.cic.gc.ca

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