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Shenango China Patterns

I think the Shenango China Mobile pattern is very compelling. it's too many leaves to be cannabis. I agree with the poster who said they are stylized lupine leaves. Classic "heavy" china that was popular in restaurants. Shenango China was purchased by Anchor Hocking in 1979. This RESTAURANT WARE SMALL BOWL was made by the SHENANGO CHINA COMPANY. Top questions and answers about Shenango China Patterns.

Shenango China Patterns

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  • The bottom is stamped with "Shenango China U.S.A. / RimRol WelRoc" outer brown border of laurel leaves intersecting a key (chi) pattern.
  • How to Identifity Age of Shenango China Marks.
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  • Blue and White Rice Pattern Porcelain Cup and Saucer.
  • Blue and White design along edges, center of saucer, cup handle, and bottom of cup. Translucent rice floral design.

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