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Roman Shield Patterns

It seems that the famous Roman lightning bolts and eagle wings were no longer used in the 3rd century. Design notes: "There is not much following of shield designs for forged roman shields, but the fact that Early Imperial Roman and Later. Buy a Roman shield, the Scutum, and other full size Roman shields. Get a steel Roman shield, ancient roman shield, and a roman legionaire's battle shield. doing a imp roman army for impetus, using warlord plastics. question- for this scale-an entire fielded army,legionaires,not auxilia. Ours is one of the many designs shown on Trajan's Column, since it This shield dates to 250 AD. #3853W Shield Roman (Wooden)–Old bad version, to be avoided.

Roman Shield Patterns

  • I did a forum search and did not find a specific shield design thread for the Romans of this period.
  • This is a 42" x 33" shield with the famous Roman design.
  • An interesting area that merits further study is the designs employed on gladiators shields.
  • Assemble, then tie papers and cover together with raffia.
  • Glue Roman shield pattern to ivory paper.
  • Glue decorated panel to the cover of the book.

More information about Roman Shield Patterns on the site:

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