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Pole Bending Pattern

A contestant may touch a pole with his or her hand in pole bending. However, if the course has been altered from the original pattern it will constitute a NO-TIME. As with other rodeo or gymkhana games, pole bending is a race-a timed event. Actually pole bending contains a pattern of 6 poles. You start on either the left or right side of the pattern. The very first thing I want to point out is that you should NOT be expecting much from your horse if you've only been pole bending the pattern for a month. Pole Bending Poles Horse Cowgirl Rider Gallop Rodeo Pattern Economy.

Pole Bending Pattern

  • Pole Bending is when the horse and rider weave through a certain amount of poles (5 or 6), fast as possible.
  • b) The pole bending pattern is to be run around six poles.
  • Pole bending is a rodeo race that features a horse with a mounted rider running in a weaving pattern around six erected poles fixed in a straight line.
  • Pole bending is timed event that features a horse and one mounted rider, running as well as at many gymkhana or O-Mok-See events.
  • The poles are between six and seven feet tall.
  • They are most generally made of PVC pipe and are held up because they are placed in rubber bases.

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