October 12, 2012 at 1:12 am

Pattern Recognition With Neural Networks

NeuroIntelligence – neural networks software for data mining, simulation, classification, forecasting and pattern recognition based on neural nets. An important application of neural networks is pattern recognition. The ART of Adaptive Pattern Recognition by a Self-organizing Neural Network. IEEE Computer 21: 77-88. Caudill, M. 1990. Using neural nets: Diagnostic expert nets. Analysis), ICA (Independent Component Analysis), Neural Network, pattern recognition. Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks By B.D. Ripley Cambridge University Press.

Pattern Recognition With Neural Networks

  • This book provides a solid statistical foundation for neural networks from a pattern recognition perspective.
  • The user can visualise and access data easily.
  • This is the first comprehensive treatment of feed-forward neural networks from the perspective of statistical pattern recognition.
  • Temporal Pattern Recognition with Neural Networks Neural networks are well known for their abilities to recognize patterns.
  • The next section demonstrates how to train a network to recognize patterns, using the neural network pattern recognition tool GUI, nprtool.
  • Neural network software, neural network system for forecasting, stock market prediction, stock pattern recognition, trading, ANN program design and simulation solution.

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