October 22, 2012 at 2:23 pm

Pattern Block Lesson

Students will use pattern blocks to make a picture with a specified number of each shape. And, educators are able to enhance and expand teaching possibilities by simply adding these colorful manipulatives to the lesson plan. Fraction Shapes – Teachers' Notes A Pattern-Block Activity. The links are mislabeled so click bears to get pattern blocks. Print a worksheet that includes examples of pattern blocks and geometric shapes. Students will use pattern blocks to identify and label shapes. Activities for each of the 3 grade levels for: Geometric Uses pattern & attribute blocks, geoboards.

Pattern Block Lesson

  • Online geometry lesson helps early elementary students explore composing and decomposing 2D shapes.
  • Pattern blocks are plastic or wooden blocks that come in a variety of colors and shapes.
  • Activities for making tessellations using activity pattern blocks including step-by-step instructions for classroom activities.
  • Continue using the correct pattern block names as the children are involved in the activities and games and they will soon start using pattern block vocabulary.
  • Through this lesson students will understand that fractions are part of a whole.
  • Pattern blocks are wonderful way to help children learn shape recognition and how shapes fit together.

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