May 30, 2010 at 2:22 pm

Notebook Cover Pattern

I'm going to give you my instructions for making a quilted notebook cover. An exquisite metallic butterfly decorates the cover of this bargello-stitch notebook. At a request of a friend and customer of mine, I've been playing around with a pattern for spiral notebook covers. Sew a locker caddy and notebook cover with these free patterns designed to bring a smile to a child's face. I love this! The appliqued felt spots and embroidered swirls are gorgeous. And you can easily alter the pattern to fit business cards. Embellish a plain leather notebook or a flat piece of leather easily made into a notebook cover with this lovely sunflower design.

Notebook Cover Pattern

  • This notebook cover is meant for the 1 subject notebooks which are 9.5x6in/24.1 x 15.2cm in size.
  • I just finished my Notebook cover based off of this pattern.
  • I thank you! I personalized it with the letter “P” for a co-worker who’s mother has cancer.
  • Here are two different sizes of quilted notebook covers that I made myself, and some that are ready to make for gifts.
  • I’ll try not to bore you with too many notebook covers, but I think I have 12 and 10), and homeschooling.
  • Sale Knitting Patterns; Free Knitting Patterns.

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