January 30, 2011 at 3:23 pm

Nmr Splitting Patterns

Figure 28 contains the NMR spectrum for methyl ethyl ketone. Experimental Description – 300 MHz proton NMR. 90 degree pulse. Some common coupling patterns Ч”Ч“ЧЈ Ч‘ЧўЧ‘ЧЁЧ™ЧЄ. Coupling. Best Answer: No we don't, my friend. Lecture 9 NMR: Splitting Patterns/Coupling, Integration, Coupling Constants This week in lab: Ch 6: Procedure 1 & PreLab Due; Quiz 3 Due: Chapter 4 Final Report. The second spectrum illustrates several spectral unusual chemical shift of an aldehyde H, and another characteristic alkyl splitting pattern. The spectrum below shows the spin-spin splitting pattern seen for 2-butanone.

Nmr Splitting Patterns

  • For each of the proton signals, predict the splitting pattern.
  • Assume that you see only 3-bond coupling.
  • followed by the background necessary to interpret 1H-NMR spectra for molecules that have more complex signal splitting patterns.
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