July 31, 2010 at 9:17 pm

Light Beam Pattern

After a screw-up in the parts shipped, I got my lights. Lighting Information – Light Source and Beam Pattern Description. A diffraction grating is an optical component with a regular pattern. On twisty singletrack I found myself descending faster with this light than any of the others on the test. This article will explain the differences of the four major Vision X off road lighting beam patterns. View spot light beams as if shining in a hazy room. This feature creates a transparent lamp beam with a pattern to emulate light passing through a smoky or foggy room.

Light Beam Pattern

  • Other resolutions: 320 Г— 159 pixels | 640 Г— 318 pixels.
  • I’m always drawn to bicycle light comparisons and beam patterns, mainly because you never know when your prized light will be lost, stolen or broken.
  • Lighting can be adapted to different needs by varying two parameters: the pattern of the beam: wide or focused.
  • Description: These beam patterns were taken on a fire road trail with a pronounced tree canopy to reflect light.
  • Some people like amber fog lamps because they claim that the yellow light causes less eye strain in bad weather.
  • KC Long Range Lights produce a tighter, more focused beam of light (pencil beam) to see way out ahead toward the horizon.

More information about Light Beam Pattern on the site: http://www.dmxledlights.com

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