April 30, 2011 at 3:35 am

Knitting Rug Patterns

Free knitting patterns for rugs and similar items. This easy knit rug works up quickly with two attractive stripes at each end of the rug. This rug knitting pattern includes instructions on how to create the fringe. Here's a twist on a traditional doily pattern. Knitted with recycled rag yarn it moves from a delicate table-top accessory to a chunky floor covering. Looking for free patterns or inspiration for your next project? Here’s a list of places to look online for free knit and crochet rug patterns. The book has the pattern I was lusting after. It's a "Fair Isle Rug" design.

Knitting Rug Patterns

  • Durable but consists of more than just knitted rag strips.
  • rug pattern, google, free patterns: Laura Yes, there are many websites out there that offer free patterns with complete instructions.
  • You don't need a punch card pattern, but you can use one if you prefer.
  • Here are 3 basic patterns that knit up into a 25cm(10”) square.
  • Use free knitting patterns to make some creative knit rugs.
  • Caron Craft & Rug Yarn can be found here at Knitting-Warehouse.

More information about Knitting Rug Patterns on the site: http://www.karensvariety.com

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