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Knitting Basket Weave Pattern

Easy beginner face cloth pattern knit with cotton chenille. Pattern description from Interweave Knits: “I love long, narrow scarves. which is a wool blend) and asked me if I would knit this hat for her. Here is the basic pattern: Besides the cute weave, I love the tassle. Pam June 1st, 2011 at 11:01 am. Very nice cloths! I just finished the basket weave cloth in a variegate cotton. Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful pattern. Pattern: Cord: CO 3 sts on a dpn. Slide sts to opposite end of needle instead of turning and k3. Rep this rnd until you have 12in (30cm) of I-cord. The first ones listed are for my beginning knitting classes, so they are, obviously, beginner patterns.

Knitting Basket Weave Pattern

  • All Weaving Patterns All Craft x the multiple of 8 stitches needed for a single repeat of the pattern.
  • The pattern is quite easy to knit and a nice change from the complicated Twin Leaf Pattern.
  • I loved the color and look of the basket weave blanket.
  • Create a basket weave when you knit this beautiful aran afghan.
  • Basketweave stitch is a fun knitting stitch pattern that comes in several different variations that look like woven fabric.
  • In knitting, a basketweave pattern is characterized by intersecting ribs and welts.

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