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Inkle Loom Patterns

An 8 page Schacht Spindle Company leaflet. This booklet is offered to our fiber arts customers for basic information on our mini and standard inkle loom. It offers basic instruction and patterns only. Good reading on inkle weaving is available at Anne Marie deGarmeaulx's web page. Color Inkle Loom Your Atari master weaver by GERALD M. HAGOPIAN Design intricate 39-thread weaving patterns for the inkle loom with this BASIC program. This warp-wise pick-up technique is super easy to do and is a great way to begin exploring pick-up patterns on the inkle loom. Inkle Weaving Pattern Generator When I was 17 years old I discovered someone weaving on an inkle loom.

Inkle Loom Patterns

  • for weaving on the go: Great for sample patterns, bookmarks, bracelets or any small project.
  • Item # YA-BI-2 $70.00 . An open-side, right hand, table top model designed for bands up to 4" wide, 6 – 9 feet long.
  • Intricate patterns were made by women on a loom, History of Inkle Looms.
  • The inkle loom, small and easy to move, was and is used to weave narrow bands of fabric.
  • Second problem was in reading and executing the pattern.
  • Rug Hooking Patterns – By Melis Rug Hooking Patterns – By Ruby We offer the Ashford Inkle Loom, Schacht Inkle Loom and the Leclerc Inkle Loom.

More information about Inkle Loom Patterns on the site: http://www.angelfire.com

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