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Fuzzy Logic Pattern Recognition

Reza Ebrahimpour was born in Mahallat, Iran, in July 1977. In its wider sense, fuzzy logic has many branches ranging from fuzzy arithmetic and fuzzy automata to fuzzy pattern recognition, fuzzy languages, and fuzzy expert systems. Fuzzy logic rules constructed by the analyst are used to perform feature extraction and influence the training of a neural network to perform pattern recognition. Pattern recognition in Remote Sensing; Fuzzy logic has also been incorporated into some microcontrollers and microprocessors, for instance, the Freescale 68HC12. Fuzzy logic is an area of research based on the work of L.A. Zadeh. Congestion Control in Differentiated Services Networks by Means of Fuzzy Logic. 976-979. Fuzzy Systems in Pattern Recognition and Diagnostics.

Fuzzy Logic Pattern Recognition

  • a review on the current applications of fuzzy logic in medicine and bioinformatics.
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