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Free Chainmail Patterns

World class chainmaille jewelry pattern e-book, with bonus 3D animations, and chainmaille earring pattern for free. ChainMaille: the LORD Randolph Method . return to main menu. Introduction . This document is 6 to1 pattern on the left and 4 to 1 pattern on the right. Maille is made by interlocking metal rings in specific repeating patterns until a Chainmaille has deep roots in human history as one of the earliest forms of body armor. Lorraine's Chains – Chainmaille Jewelry Weaves. This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the chainmaille weaves out there. Best Answer: Try these http://www.chainmailguy.

Free Chainmail Patterns

  • Best Answer: Here are a few websites: http://www.novembergames.
  • Find free chain maille patterns online from a number of good helpful sites.
  • Simple weaves that are suitable for beginners.
  • Intermediate weaves that let you expand your horizons.
  • precision computer generated, free tutorials for chainmaille weaves and techniques.
  • This pattern is a spin-off from the Chain Maille Scarf pattern.

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