November 29, 2011 at 2:10 pm

Fleece Soaker Pattern

Fern and Faerie's Hand-Knit Soaker Pattern Lion Brand "Day-to-Night Felted Quick Sew Pull-On Soaker (for wool or fleece). If you would like to sell soakers you make from the pattern, I don't mind you selling them. Better for Fleece – Patterns NB-XL This one has 1/2" more rise and a wider back. I love these fleece cloth diaper covers in the Katrina pattern. Will admit I only glanced at the directions but they seem to be good. I purchased the Sweet Baby Soakers and Skirties pattern from wired up designs (http://hyenacart. I made the Katrina Fleece soakers in 3 different sizes.

Fleece Soaker Pattern

  • I haven't used any other patterns but I liked hers.
  • Waistband Place the dotted line on the fold of the fabric.
  • A fleece soaker or longie will prevent diaper leaks! Use over cloth or even disposable what you want! Covers have been made using Katrina's sew quick soaker pattern.
  • Order diaper cover soakers online, or make your own using a pattern and fleece.
  • Hemp fleece fabric, heavyweight, absorbant, for cloth diapers, diaper soaker, booster.
  • Pin It. More free baby blanket patterns: Baby Blanket Patterns, Knitting Baby Blanket Patterns.

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