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Flat Pattern Drafting

The rapid output of new flat pattern designs, facilitated by slopers, is and assumes that you already have the slopers to create new flat pattern designs. 15h (T) 45(P) C. 3.2 Course Description: The course will introduce the students to the meaning of design, pattern drafting and alteration. Garment design, pattern drafting & grading for independent pattern companies, small apparel manufacturers, and custom designers. This method of constructing patterns on paper is still used today and is known as flat pattern drafting or working on the flat. Digital Flat Pattern: The Apparel Designer’s Handbook by Lisa A. Shanley, Ph.D. and Rowena Aldridge. Pattern Drafting – Flat Pattern Method with Susan Spencer. An early, universal, flat pattern drafting system from 1876 together with the Columbian Sewing Book of rare stitching from 1892 by his wife Mrs. Willit Cornwell.

Flat Pattern Drafting

  • A variety of patterns are available for dog coats made from fleece (no sew), sewing, knitting or crochet.
  • Find dog booties from a vast selection of Boots & Shoes.
  • You may need to adjust the pattern to your individual dog’s foot.
  • This is the pattern for a medium-sized bootie, enlarge the pattern to print at 6″ tall and 4″ wide.
  • Hello – after reading all the links about dog booties I went to GoodWill and purchased two child's winter coats.
  • My dogs are not happy campers in the winter.

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