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Easy Ripple Crochet Pattern

Related Resources: How to Crochet a Blanket | Easy Afghan Patterns. If you'd like to crochet a ripple afghan, you'll find plenty of free patterns and inspiration here. Crocheting a ripple afghan is pretty easy, even for beginning crocheters. This crochet ripple afghan pattern calls for elegant beige colors and fancy tassels. This ripple afghan is worked in single crochet for a sturdy and warm cover. If you are looking for an easy pattern to crochet a baby afghan as a gift or for one of your babies, you have come to the right place. Easy Ripple Afghan makes a great introduction to the wonderful world of ripple afghans.

Easy Ripple Crochet Pattern

  • The ripple granny stitch pattern can be used for How to Crochet an Easy ZigZag Blanket.
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  • Best Answer: i] chain it as wide as you want, only it has to be a multiple of 7, plus 1 2 or 3 turning chains.
  • This is a simple ripple pattern I learned from my friends at work in California.
  • It's really quick and easy, worked in worsted weight with a lacy look.
  • This striped lace baby blanket is a quick and easy crochet project.

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