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Ear Flap Beanie Pattern

This listing is for the earflap beanie pattern. All instructions, charts and pictures are very easy and clear to follow. Take a look at this one: http://www.lionbrand. com/patterns/70096A It looks like you need to decide the location of the ear flap. Crochet pattern, baby cat beanie hat with earflaps includes 4 sizes from baby to adult (Crochet Animal hats): Luz Mendoza: Amazon. Three versions of the ear flap hat include: Apple with worm, pumpkin, and cupcake applique. This is for the pattern only, not the actual physical piece*** This is a totally cute ski or snowboard hat made with really soft, warm yarn.

Ear Flap Beanie Pattern

  • How to Sew ear flaps onto a crocheted hat Watch this instructional knitting video to attach a single crocheted half circle ear flap to a single crocheted baby beanie.
  • As ear-flap hats have become more popular over the last few years, so have patterns for hats with ear flaps.
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