July 8, 2012 at 12:53 pm

Chullo Knitting Pattern

This free knitting pattern requires single crochet around the hat brim. This cap is inspired by the Andean Chullo (pronounced tchoo-yo), a traditional garment knit and worn by Andean men, women, and children. ABC Ear Flap knit hat – this one is not a traditional chullo, but more reminiscent of a bonnet. Offering original and unique knitting patterns for those looking for the unusual. Free knitting pattern for a colorful Chullo ear flap hat for toddlers. The most extraordinary thing about chullo hat knitting patterns is the intricate color detail. Many are a veritable rainbow of color, arranged in intertwining rows.

Chullo Knitting Pattern

  • Earflap or Chullo hats are very popular right now. Teens and young Knitting Pattern Central; Ravelry; Sewing/Quilting Blogs.
  • click for larger view) Well, it’s not an authentic Ch’ullo.
  • A knitting pattern for a South American style Chullo hat with earflaps.
  • Best Answer: Here's a page of hats from wooly wormhead.
  • This weekend found me puzzling over patterns trying to find something just right to knit for my dear little neighbor Ian who is turning one on Saturday.
  • I will admit the colorwork in the Andean pattern from Knitpicks was a little Hat [http://www.alarmingfemale.

More information about Chullo Knitting Pattern on the site: http://www.natureperu.com

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