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Chinese Patterns And Designs

Chinese Border and Corner Stencil is based on original 18th century Chinese key patterns. Copying of stencil designs is strictly prohibited. The Chinese have been using lattice designs to cover their windows for over 1,000 years. Chinese design splendidly displays many beautiful colors, patterns and textures throughout the entire home. Antique china or porcelain place settings can be very valuable depending on the age and design. Included are 256 designs, patterns, and decorative motifs from China, Japan, Korea, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Tibet, and other Asian countries. Hawaiian and Maori tattoo designs and patterns are very popular beautiful mythological creature, great for tattoo designs.

Chinese Patterns And Designs

  • The art of Chinese Embroidery has been popular since ancient times.
  • Even today, a lot of people pursue this art as a hobby or to earn money.
  • Chinese Patterns origami paper is created from an incredible archive of rare and valuable artwork that spans three centuries and just about every imaginable design style.
  • 600 + patterns of J & G Meakin china spanning 130 years, 1851 – 1980 approx.
  • These Western "Chinese" designs were most fashionable at the time and the local population and settled down to create a new Chinese culture outside of China.
  • More Details: Beautiful Bird – Cross Stitch Kit by Dimensions Beautiful bird–that's what the Chinese characters mean and that's what this design so elegantly portrays.

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