October 9, 2012 at 4:58 am

Child’s Beanie Pattern

A division of HDE Productions and partnered with the Home Decor Exchange. Here is my pattern for the Bumpy Bobble Beanie. Please ask any questions and make sure to contact me with any errors. Crocheting a baby beanie is easier than you may think. Beanie Baby clothing kids can make by themselves with felt, scissors and glue. Also win free beanie babies and a free Beanie Baby newsletter. Now offering a deal! Save some money when you buy these two patterns together! This makes an absolutely beautiful set for a new baby.

Child’s Beanie Pattern

  • There is nothing cuter than a small child wearing a homemade beanie except for maybe the whole family wearing the same beanies.
  • Free crochet hat patterns are great to make.
  • This fixation baby beanie is sure to keep your little one's head warm during those cold winter months.
  • Instructions for How to Make a Fabric Child's Beanie Hat. A beanie hat is a snug Locate a beanie hat pattern.
  • We've found several Websites that offer easy patterns for you to follow.
  • Bevs Country Cottage: This great beanie hat is designed for kids ages two to four.

More information about Child’s Beanie Pattern on the site: http://babycrochethatpattern.com

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