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Card Weaving Patterns

Weaving Books, Rigid Heddle Weaving Books, Weaving Pattern Books, Card Weaving Books and more. We will give you a pattern that takes 12 cards and 2 colors of cord. In the photographs the blue line you see is drawn on both sides of the cards. It acts as a reference to make it easier to work the pattern. Followed with a step-by-step process which includes threading cards and setting them up for weaving, you will learn how to produce stunning patterns and projects. The pattern was found in Candace Crockett's book 'Card Weaving', which is an I think everyone who cardweaves wants toп»ї use the ram's horn pattern. It describes in detail the construction of a card loom as well as the warping of this loom to produce patterns.

Card Weaving Patterns

  • SMALL LOOMS & WEAVING CARDSThese are suitable for Weaving Books; Free Weaving Patterns; Carders/Combs.
  • This is my first serious try on a tablet weaving (card weaving) pattern.
  • The pattern is a variation on the well known ramshorn pattern.
  • Try making diamond patterns by turning the cards four 1/4 turns away from you and 3 1/4 turns back.
  • Altered from a pattern found in Candace Crockett's book on Card Weaving.
  • So I figured out how to direct warp my loom for card weaving! Most card weaving uses 4 threads per card, and you twist the cards to create patterns.

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