October 19, 2012 at 2:47 am

Blue And Red Pattern

com Forum: Red, White, and Blue Patterns – BOWL. USBC, BPAA, ABCThree women bowlers asked me in the past two weeks if I knew anything about the "Red," "White," and "Blue" (RWB) oil patterns. It’s time for the first plaid or tartan patterns. Main colors of the first plaid set are blue, orange, red, and grey. I'm in the middle of quilting this pattern right now, although not quite as large as hers. You can use any hues of red, white, and blue beads for your ribbon. Repeat pattern for the Blue Stripe, Repeat pattern for the Red Stripe, Repeat pattern for the White stripe THEN: Repeat pattern for Blue stripe BUT DO NOT CUT YARN.

Blue And Red Pattern

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