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Barn Raising Quilt Pattern

BARN RAISING PINE CONE TABLETOP – The Log Cabin pattern is a traditional favorite composed of squares from strips of fabric in light and dark shades. Shop on the Internet for barn raising quilt with Shopzilla. Green County Barn N3150 Hwy 81 Monroe, WI 53566. Traditional Log Cabin quilt pattern in purples and red. This design variation is called Barn Raising. The Country Porch features the Barn Raising Log Cabin Quilt and bedding accessories from Donna Sharp. This is a "LeMoyne Star" quilt pattern is painted (Barbara Haddock Taylor,) installed by volunteers, during what's fondly referred to as a "barn quilt raising. Barn Raising Pine Cone quilts is a pattern based on a traditional favorite with richly embroidered pine cones added.

Barn Raising Quilt Pattern

  • Quilt description: This quilt is constructed in a Barn Raising pattern in which light and dark fabrics are arranged to form concentric diamonds.
  • BARN RAISING PINE CONE QUILT ENSEMBLE BY DONNA SHARP-Decorate your master traditional pieced patchwork and embroidered pattern design.
  • Download royalty free Quilt, Log Cabin Pattern, Barn Raising design variation in purples and red with purple satin border.
  • The quilt pictured uses one block, the Carrie Nation quilt block.
  • This traditional warm and inviting pattern is comprised of squares in light and dark shades.
  • This 36-1/2" log cabin quilt is assembled with bright holiday colors, with blocks that are arranged in a barn raising layout.

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